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The book from our fantastic project, The Carbon Almanac, initiated by Seth Godin, is now out, please support us!

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I have worked in renewables (mainly wind) since 1989:

2013-: DNV (GL)
2009-2013: GL Garrad Hassan
2007-2009: Garrad Hassan
1989-2007: Risø/DTU Wind

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PhD (Philosophical Doctor, 1993) in Physics (Meteorology), University of Copenhagen.
Thesis: Short-term prediction of local wind Conditions.

MBA (Master of Business Administration, 2005), Warwick Business School, England.
Dissertation: Strategy in project-based organisations - the case of a research laboratory.

MSc (Master of Science, 1989) in Geophysics (Meteorology), University of Copenhagen.
Thesis: Prediction of a Geophysical Time Series. A Comparison between Neural Networks and the ARIMA process.

BSc (Bachelor of Science, 1986) in Physics and Geophysics, University of Copenhagen.

A quick-and-dirty list of my publications from my Risø (now DTU Wind) time can be found here


I am involved in the following companies, maybe you want to be, too?