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The Chapters

On this page you will find comments, notes and data to the chapters in the book. You can also find the errata for each of the chapters (thank you so much to those of you who have contributed so far (especially: Nicolai Gayle Nygaard, DONG Energy, now Ørsted; Wim Bierbooms, TU Delft), please do keep them coming!). This will be updated as more becomes available.

If you find anything, please do drop me a line

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Meteorological Basics

There are another two (quite old) books that I can highly recommend:

  • Equation 2.3 (p 12): the unit vector k points in the vertical direction (not as described below the equation)
  • 6th line from bottom on p27: typo: "fictional" > "frictional"
  • Exercise 2.5 (p 28): in the solution I have put 10 Pa, it should have been 10hPa, so the answer on page 176 should have been Px=1.63 N/kg (note that the per kg means that we are looking at the forces acting on an air parcel of unit weight (1 kg)). Thank you, Bianca, for poiting out an error in the original errata!

Chapter 3: Measurements

Wind speed and direction data for the examples (click here)

3rd line on p 49: I mean that the accuracy of the wind vane is typically a few degrees (I should have been more careful, sorry!)

Chapter 4: The Wind Profile

  • Leipzig profile data here
  • Høvsøre, case 6 data (click here (takes you to DTU Wind’s site))
  • Figure 4.3: plot and caption: replace u* with κ/u* (axes are swapped in plot)
  • Exercise 4.11 (p 79): the correct answer is h=143.6 m, and therefore h1=43 m.
  • Equation 4.18 and 4.19: please swap cp and g (and their corresponding numbers)! A very silly typo, sorry. The result of 9.8 C/km is correct.

Chapter 5: Local Flow

  • Exercise 5.8 (p 107): typo: please replace the maximum roughness of 10 cm to one of 20 cm.
  • Exercise 5.19 (p 116): note that I have used 0.016 in the answer on page 189, not very consistent..

Chapter 6: Turbulence

Video of turbulent and laminar flow on the river Rhine: link

Chapter 7: Wakes

p 141, 2nd line: the word in italics should be deficit.

Chapter 8: Modelling

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